Franck Maison Gourmande, your gourmet caterer in Montreal. Fresh and new dishes every week, lunch boxes and meals for your events. Treat yourself!

100% biodegradable containers

The majority of our containers, hermetically and hygienically sealed, are made of uncoated SBS cardboard (biodegradable and renewable resource) and are freezer, oven up to 400 degrees and microwave safe. The other containers are 100% recyclable.

about Franck

After a career of 20 years in Paris, Miami, New York then Montreal, first in fashion as agents of great photographers, then in advertising and finally in music as director of business development, Franck decided in 2020 to finally embark on what has become his first passion: sharing his love of cooking.

Since 2013 already , Franck Maison Gourmande has been offering a growing circle of initiates its foie gras in the towel at the time of the end of year celebrations under the name “Mile-End's foies gras”. With this success growing, for a year now we have decided to make it our life by offering every week fresh, entirely homemade dishes cooked with the best ingredients.

Passionate about cooking from an early age, Franck offers menus inspired by his childhood in France but also from his many travels around the world.


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